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Set of 4 Hokema B9 Kalimbas in Elemental tuning

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 We now carry the B9 tuned to match your favorite Koshi chimes.

IGNIS - Fire  TUNING - ♪♫ G B D G B D G A matching B9:  G B B G G E D D A 

AQUA - Water TUNING - ♪♫ A D F G A D F A  matching B9: A D D A A G F F B

ARIA - Air TUNING - ♪♫ A C E A B C E B   matching B9: A C C A A G E E B

TERRA - Earth TUNING - ♪♫ G C E F G C E G   matching B9: G C C G G F E F B 

The B9 is a small, handy kalimba with a solid resonant body of American cherry wood.

Amplify the sound by placing the kalimba on a flat surface such as a table or on top of a drum.

Solid resonant body of American cherrywood.
Measurements: 4.8 x 3.6 x 1.4 inches