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Hokema - B15 G-Major

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Original price $139.00
$139.00 - $139.00
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  • 15 Tines precisely tuned to G-major suitable for playing countless popular tunes.
  • The B15 G-major is ideal for improvisation and intuitive playing.
  • Solid resonance corpus of American cherry wood
  • great for improvisation and intuitive play
  • Ergonomically formed tines for easy playing with the thumb
  • size 5.9"x 6.3"x 1.6" 

Kalimbas are metal-tined instruments which originated in southern Africa and which can be found there in countless variations.

Our Kalimba B15 G-major is meticulously hand-crafted out of solid American black cherry wood. The surfaces is treated and polished with natural oils and waxes. The B15 is ideal for improvisation and intuitive playing.

G-Dur (F#" - E' - D" - C' - H'* - A - G' - G - A' - H* - C" - D' - E" - F#' - G")
*H = international B


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