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Bass Tongue Drum - Ash Wood D-minor

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This big bass drum with finely tuned tongues creates an energetic vibration It is designed especially for use by music therapists and is popular in kindergartens, schools and wellness, and therapy centers.

Playing this drum helps one to learn or teach about rhythm, communication (with two or more people) or connecting with the body through tuning into the drum’s vibrations. 

You can turn the drum on its side and lie down on the surface. 
The drum can be turned on its side, and a child or adult can lay down onto the surface.
These big drums with tuned tongues and energetic vibration were created especially for music therapists.

Quality: Hand Made in Germany

Tuning :

  • Eight tones D-minor-pentat. DFGAcdfg

Dimensions: 47 x 16 x 18 inches

Materials: Sounding panel made of Ashwood, the body is made of Pine.  Side grip holes make for easy moving around.

Includes:  2 mallets and a hygrometer



Open Tuning

What our customers are saying:

"I am always eager to discover new and interesting slants on existing instrument ideas. The quality and endurance of this Tongue Drum make it a great addition to my arsenal of instruments and sound colors, as well as being a fun source for children and the elderly alike"

Evelyn Glennie, Percussionist, Scotland