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Singing Chair Classic

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Original price $4,555.42
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tuning: Monochord Tuning
armrest: with armrest
cushion/neckrest: with cushion

The Classic Singing Chair with monochord backside enables a special full body experience of sound, vibration and sound massage. The Classic is built to order and available approximately one month after your order is received.

This is a functional therapeutic instrument for private practices, clinics, wellness centers to offices. Sit inside the resonance body of the instrument to experience an unlimited exploration of sound.

Quality: Hand Crafted in Germany

Strings and Tuning: Available with Monochord tuning or Tambura tuning. The monochord tuning allows you to create a more nuanced play.

Monochord tuning: 2 sets of 30 strings (B-d/b-d’) (60 strings total).  22 bass strings tuned to D and 18 overtone strings tuned to the higher octave in d.

Monochord tuning allows the player more creative possibilities to evoke the fine and subtle overtones. You can vary and either focus on the deeper tones, which have more vibrations, or play the higher strings to create more overtones.

Tambura tuning: 15 sets of 4 strings (C, c, c, G) repeated (60 strings total).

Tambura tuning requires no prior training to use and works well for settings like offices, hotels, wellness and care facilities. String the strings evenly with your fingers and you will create overtones with rich harmonics. The repeated sequences create a rich, full and relaxing sound environment.

Material: Multiplex wood

Dimensions: 56 x 24 x 32 inches

Seat: 22 x 16 inches

Backrest: 38.8 x 22 inches

: Tuner, tuning instrument, some replacement strings. 

Training:  Free 30 minute training via Skype

Accessories Included:

  • Armrest: Your hands and palms rest comfortably on the armrests.The two armrests can be moved in different positions and adjust to the individual arm length and the ball is used to rest the hand, giving the whole arm and the inside of the palm a vibrational sound massage and stimulation. Size: 14 x 6.8 x 4.8''  
  • Pillow and Neckrest.
  • Wheels at the back legs. This allows you to roll the chair instead of carrying it. Just tilt the chair slightly backward and then the chair becomes its own dolly.

Clinical Case Studies with the Singing Chair

The Vibration Singing Chair, from feeltone, has served as an important instrument to the patients we serve at The Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center.

I have appreciated that I have the ability to tune the strings and have used consonant intervals which have been made profound in octaves, fourth and fifths. Most often, I have tuned the chair strings in octaves.

For several years, we kept the chair in our clinic and it served as a warm up for many patients and staff that entered the Center.

For doctors, nurses, and others, it was an eye catcher at first, because the wood is attractive and resembles nature. Posed in the corner reception area of the clinic, many would ask: “What is that chair?” As we described it as a “vibration chair, used for healing”-staff would ask: “May I try it out?”

For one nurse manager, the chair-try became a bit of a ritual. On stressful days, she would come to the Center and request that I work with her-which I was more than willing to do, stealing several ‘in-between’ patient moments for her. Her complaints were of head pain-“migraines.” I used the highest strings and lowest strings on an “ee” vowel breath release-tonal vocal holding, my voice blanketing her pain and slowing the rhythm down of the pulsating head pounds that she described.

There are numerous patients who have benefited from the breath glissando release sounds I use accompanied by the string glissando-from low to high and then absorption…where the strings resonate and saturate through the warm wood into the body. In a general way, this warm up takes only about five minutes and creates “flow” and a sense of “homeostasis” or “self integration” or “synchrony between the body-mind-spirit” as one of my pianist musician players often says.

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