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Sound bath set B :Sansula Renaissance aminor & Tinka Tong Dminor

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Soundbath Set B: wood drum & Sansula Renaissance
Sansula Renaissance:
  • Fitted with a robust and durable Remo (USA) drum skin
  • Resistant to moisture, your perfect travel companion
  • The vibrations of the nine tines can be easily felt in the hands
  • For children and adults, durable.
  • add a fitted fiberglass reinforced bag to protect your Sansula on the road ,with resonator top for the wah-wah effect on the go.
  • The Tuning A minor with additional tines pitched at B and F., a´, c´´, c´, a´, a, f´, e´, e´´, b´
  • dimension 7,8 x 6,1 x 2,6 inch

Pairs wonderfull with a D-minor 6 note Tonge drum 

Small and lightweight this six note Tinka Tong is a lot of fun to play. It emits a clear, melodic tone and is a great instrument for easily combining rhythm and melody.  This drum speaks in the language of forests and trees! With a handy grip hole at the bottom, it can be played with one hand. Dimension 12 X 4.8  X 3.6 inches