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Baba Tong Double Bass -F Minor – 10 Notes

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$632.00 - $727.00
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Style: drum

Made to order - wait time 3 weeks

The sound of the Baba Tong is extra deep for such a small box. The sturdy double bass tongue drum has two playing levels positioned right next to each other – making for easy access for the player. Position it securely between the legs and play with hands or mallets.

This Baba Tong convinces with the two playing levels right beside each other. This design allows the player to place the Baba Tong between the legs where it rests safely. Now the tongues can be beaten with both hands as well as with mallets, the sound is extra deep for such a small box. That the playing areas are right next to each other, make it easy for the hands to switch the levels.

Quality: Hand Made in Germany

Tuning: 10 notes, F Minor

Dimensions: 12 X 8 X 8 inches

Materials: Padouk and Cherry wood

Includes:  2 mallet