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Tubular Bells

Wolfgang Deinert, created Klangfarben in 1989, in Germany and has been handcrafting his precision Bell chimes and tubular gongs ever since.

These instruments open up a new level of working with sound, the instruments are made with high quality brass. The precision tuning of a set is done on the same day so the chime sets stay in tune together. Metal is a material that changes with temperature etc so the tuning aspect is important.

After the tuning the gong chimes are finished by polishing them by hand.

The sets listed here can be modified,

  • chose the reference note A (440hz, 432hz, 444hz)
  • chose the tuning: chromatic, pythagorean, pure, chromatic
  • chose the octaves for the planet tones

Please contact us and we are happy to discuss the options with you.