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Zenko Omega Steel Tongue Drum

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Original price $425.00
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The Zenko Omega is a stainless-steel tongue drum (also called a “tank” drum or “hank”) designed and created by Metal Sounds in France. The drum can be played by both beginners and experienced musicians alike. The scale of the Zenko Omega is G major, and mainly made up of natural notes. The G3 note in the center gives a deep bass that is used as a pivot. The scale evokes Middle Eastern harmonies.

Tuning:  9 notes: G3 Eb4 G4 Ab4 B4 C5 D5 Eb5 F5

Dimensions:  Weight: 6.17 lbs. Diameter: 12.6 inches Height: 5.12 inches

Materials:  Stainless steel

Includes: Deluxe bag, Support ring, A pair of mallets.

The Zenko Omega spreads sound in smooth, soft waves. Its high harmonics content is the result of perfect tuning that remains stable over the years. It produces different sounds depending on whether you play by hand or use the sticks.

Sound Sample
Extras: Want to play the Zenko standing up? We have a specially designed stand that is both collapsible and adjustable - an essential accessory for your Zenko.
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