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Overtone Turbular Bell Set 9 tuned chimes

Original price $1,599.99 - Original price $1,998.99
Original price
$1,599.99 - $1,998.99
Current price $1,599.99
stand: standard

These instruments open up a new level of working with sound.

Our bodily, emotional and mental senses get stimulated and sensitized.

Compared with other sound massage instruments, which stimulate different areas, the tubular bell and gong chimes influence and harmonize the whole energy field.

A special alloy is used to create the tubular gongs and after they are tuned to the key note a special hand polish fine tunes the brilliance of the sound.

The  bell chimes can be tuned to any key note.

Please note:

This set is also available with the half-moon shaped frame which is $399 extra.

Here is a video showing  D- Overtone set with the regular stand you can chose different tunings for the set. Please contact us to discuss the different options

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