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Spacedrums Nitro

Spacedrums Nitro

SPACEDRUM NITRO® – Nitrided handpan

The latest creation of METAL SOUNDS, the Spacedrum Nitro®, is a real versatile handpan! Here the construction method is based on oval notes and dimples (buttons) shaping, and the shells are glued. Most importantly, our steel sheets of 1.2 mm are treated for better resistance to shocks and corrosion (nitriding).

Spacedrum nitro from Metal Sounds

The Spacedrum Nitro® combines all the qualities required of a high-end handpan with an excellent dynamic range and a balanced sustain. The crosstalk (resonance of the notes between them) is well controlled, and the harmonics are easy to play.

Also, the percussive sound produced by the player on the side of the handpan (Tak) is clear while the Ding note stays deep and rather short. Musicians will be able to appreciate the full extent of its possibilities and its unique sound.

Also, its harmonized ranges and its diameter of 55 cm, 22 inches  make it an instrument very easy to apprehend for novices.

Indeed, no need to master music theory or practice music to play because the instrument is accessible to all.

Its bluish-gray hues and satin surface finish make Spacedrum Nitro® a handpan with a refined design. The models currently manufactured have 9 notes (8 notes + 1 DING) or 10 notes (9 notes + 1 DING) and come with a deluxe carry bag.