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Koshi Chimes Ignis - Red

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Original price $62.00
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Color: Red

IGNIS - Fire  Tuning - ♪♫ G B D G B D G A , Red dot

The G-major tuning of the Ignis Koshi Chimes aligns seamlessly with our RED Soundscape set, featuring instruments in G-major tuning: which includes monochords, metal and wood music instruments.

The Koshi chime, a genuine and high-quality musical instrument, is handcrafted with care in our workshop nestled in the Pyrenees mountains, showcasing exceptional artistry.

Within its resonance tube, eight chords are meticulously welded with silver at the base, producing a symphony of clear, rich tones filled with harmonious overtones. These overtones, emanating from the shorter chords, evolve into fundamental notes, creating a seamless, circular melody.

Gently sway the chime by its cord to experience its crystalline, soothing sounds that may enchant you into tranquil marvel. When hung, it dances with the breeze, serenading you with unforeseen harmonies.

While the chime's sounds are enchanting for children, it is advised to keep it out of reach of those under three years old for safety reasons.

Chime Measurements:
Diameter of Chime: 2 1/2"
Length of Chime: 6 1/2"
Total Length of Item: 14"

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

This chime (Ignis/red/g-major) makes absolutely captivating sounds, I really love it. I initially made the investment for a meditation workshop I was leading with college students— many of them said that the 7 or so minutes I spent moving around the room with the chime was the very best ("most magical") part of a very enjoyable weekend. I am excited to fine more ways to share it with others! My cats like it too :)
I love the We Play Well Together business model and ethos, and look forward to bringing them more business.

Lindsey Mais
Gentel Resonating Sound for peace and balance

I purchased my first chime, water Koshi , the gentle resonating sounds bring me peace and balance.


The sound is unbelievable

Completed my set

I was gifted Earth and Water awhile back and love them so much I finally wanted to complete my set, so I purchased Fire and Air (Ignis and Aria) from We Play Well Together. They are all amazing. Gabrielle ships fast, packaging was strong and I like supporting a small, woman owned business (also really close to me). You can't go wrong with any of these chimes and you can definitely go right with all of them!

Kim V.
Excellent Products and Service

I am so happy to have found We Play Well Together. I have purchased Koshi chimes for two people, and I have received a set myself. They are relaxing, mesmerizing and beautiful. I had an issue with one of the notes in one of the chimes and customer service took care of the issue immediately to my complete satisfaction and appreciation. I highly recommend this company.