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Monolina with U-Stand, Body Therapy Monochord

Monolina ( Monolini) Travel Monochords tunings: C, A, G, F, D

Lightweight and versatile, these two monochords are designed so everyone can play them but complex enough that musicians can use them for performances. Use for sound bathing, sound mediation or to accompany singing. And thanks to their lightweight these monochords you can also use them therapeutically as “body monochords.”

What is the difference between the Monolina and her little sister the Monolini?  Both instruments have the same body length, come tuned to A,C,F,G or D,  and are tuned overtone, base note, a fifth of overtone note.  Monolina has 34 strings and Monolini, 22 strings.

The Monolina also has 5 bridges that come with a template so you can easily create minor or major accents.

With 34 strings the Monolina is wider than the 21 stringed Monolini and therefore more resonant and voluminous in sound and vibration.

How to chose the tunning that is right for you? we know have individual videos for all models to make chosing easier.

Click on the different models below or watch our videos to view tuning and playing techniques. Have a question? You can always reach us on email ( or call us at 707-972-0196.

At feeltone we have years of experience in building and designing monochords. Our close collaboration with therapists and musicians has resulted in a variety of monochord instruments and accessories to meet all your monochord needs.