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  • A Simple Way to Support Ukrainian Artists
    March 14, 2022

    A Simple Way to Support Ukrainian Artists

    We're heartbroken by the brutal, devastating violence that has taken place in Ukraine over the past two weeks. While this (any) war has layers of complexity stemming from centuries of history, it's difficult to deny that a great many people are suffering right now. We can choose to look away, allow ourselves to become overwhelmed, or instead choose to carry out some small act that might relieve the suffering even a little. Beyond donating to relief organizations, we received a tip for a brilliant way to support artists - an act of simplicity and beauty.  

    Ukrainian Needlepoint Pattern on Etsy - EmbroideryArtByNat

    The online shop has curated a section of their marketplace featuring all Ukrainian artists. You can go right now and purchase digital creations that will ensure resources go directly to a struggling small business owner who is likely facing immense challenges right now. Etsy is waving all Ukrainian seller fees in a show of support, so all purchases go directly to the creators. 
    It's best to purchase digital products that require no shipping (of which there are many gorgeous items to choose from, including: wall art, needlepoint patterns, digital design, etc.)

    Ukranian Art from Etsy - Comfort Art and the artists here have no association with We Play Well Together, but as a community that distributes and supports handcrafted instruments, we stand with artists, craftsmen, and creators all over the world. We encourage you to make a purchase and in turn share to your networks/family/friend about this one small thing we can do. 

    Support Artists in Ukraine on Etsy

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